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Did you ever get into an argument with a vegan, or a flat-earth believer?  If so, you probably lost!  Why did you lose, when you're right?

3 reasons:
-  they have thought about it a lot - you haven't.
-  they can quote lots of stuff they've read about it - you can't.
-  they care so much they exaggerate and use verbal tricks - you don't care that much.

Well, the same thing can happen when you argue with atheists, or read books like "The God Delusion". You get overwhelmed by superior fire-power!  Their clever, devious arguments make you feel confused and naive.

This website aims to assist you to counter worldly propaganda.  Yes, propaganda!  They use all kinds of half-truths and rhetorical tricks.
They are well-read, they sound convincing, and they're eager to persuade you at any cost.  Isn't that propaganda?

We offer you:
-  a review of the main arguments used by atheists, and their flaws
-  a look at issues that Christians are finding difficult in our modern world.

Why bother?  Why not just get on living a Christian life?

Well, two reasons from the Bible:
"Be always ready to give an account [of your faith]".  Sometimes God will call you to witness - you may really help you friends if you can tell them the truth. "Beware of vain arguments".  Don't get distracted from eternal truths by devious arguments about side-issues.

We are a group of volunteers who love God, and want to spread the good news.  If you have comments or complaints or suggestions, we'd love to hear them - but we may take a while to answer! 
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If you really want us to reply privately, say so in your post and we'll do our best.

The GodOrNot Team